H-Omega 120 Capsules

Omega-3 fats are the building block of the brain. In fact, 65% of brain mass consists of omega fats, which helps the transport of nutrients and and neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine in the brain. Omega-3 also lines the nerves. And since the brain is the center of the nervous system, it has a huge and constant need for Omega-3.

Fish oil is the best source of Omega-3 fats and are unfortunately lacking in most diets, this leads to poor memory, slower brain function and a general dullness of the mind. Fortunately this can easily be reversed with a high quality fish oil supplement like h-omega softgels. Fish oil also helps in cancers, heart problems, high blood pressure, mental problems and learning disabilities, alzheimers, lupus, depression and many skin disorders.


H-Omega boosts concentration and memory, improves brain and heart health.